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Social Media Management is central to establishing the name and brand of any company in the online space. Being the cornerstone of the digital marketing strategy of every organization, managing social media demands full time and attention. You need to be careful about the display, content, keywords, traffic movement and what not as at the end of the day it is establishing your company, your brand’s online reputation. To manage this efficiently a strong team of young, creative and energetic individuals is required. This is where Team Pumpkin will play a pivotal role as a social media agency. Innovative and Inventive, our Pumpkins will take care of your social media space with expertise that is unmatched for in the industry. As you work or make something on the web, we shall have your community up and running on social media simultaneously. Such is the strength and efficiency of our Pumpkins.


Team Pumpkin As a Proactive Social Media Agency


Due to the presence of so many social media sites, it is only natural for brands to get confused as to what should be their social media marketing plan. As a social media marketing company, we help brands by answering the questions like what is social media, how is social media marketing different from other mediums, which are social networking sites appropriate for my brand and thereby develop their customized social media marketing strategy. Unlike other digital marketing companies, we focus on engaging the human emotional quotient and that happens to be our core competency. Our social media activities include creating content, scheduling its distribution, monitoring it online and creating engagement around it. Keeping track of all the information can be a daunting task but we have the skilled and dedicated team to help you with that.


What is Social Media?


If the internet connects everybody, then social media is the tool through which people are brought together. It is a platform where a diverse group of people interact with each other and it provides brands with an opportunity to truly connect with their audience. Social Media, when done well, creates a strong bond between the customer and the brand, thereby leading to better consumption of content, more organic visits to the websites and higher sales.


Why do you need Social Media?


Having a social media presence is a long-term and continuous process which requires a team of creative, energetic and dedicated individuals driven to deliver the best services to the brand. Being a vast and diverse field, it can be tricky for a brand to know exactly how to go about it. The best brands are often managed by social media companies that understand the audience, listen to their community and add value to the brand’s presence online.


How do we help?


Team pumpkin is a social media company that does exactly that.

Our team will bring in their expertise and work with you to ensure that you have a strong social media presence and generate the most out of social media marketing. We are highly established in the industry, having worked for a number of brands and managed their accounts with excellence. Now, there are a lot of social media sites on the web and this can get confusing for brands. Team pumpkin comes in with a social media strategy to help your brand navigate the treacherous waters, giving it direction and purpose. We also suggest which platform is suitable for your brand and develop customized strategies.


Why Team Pumpkin?


The best Social Media company in Mumbai, Our core competency lies in crafting content that targets the human emotional quotient, creating posts that are rich, vibrant, colorful and intellectually stimulating. Our work doesn’t stop there. We ensure that the content we create for your brand reaches your audience. In other words, we create content, schedule its distribution, monitor its progress and create engagement around it.



Social Media Marketing Services


Social listening and Response tracking


We know that it is not enough to simply create posts and share it on social media. It is important to listen to what your audience is saying, understand their requirements and then post according to that. By doing this, you show genuine concern for what your customers think and this improves the overall brand image. Secondly, by tracking their responses and consistently monitoring them, we understand what is working, correct harmful online chatter and tailor our approach according to what the audience truly wants.


Customer Management Services


It is not enough to simply boost the number of page likes and celebrate being a ‘big’ brand. Firstly, the more organic the likes are, the better it is for you as a brand and secondly, it is important to interact with the community to nurture it. A small, highly interactive and engaged community is better than a large, diverse one with low levels of engagement. The community must be relevant to your brand. We advocate the platforms that best fit your community, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and help you develop a plan that best fits their specific needs.


Social media contests


Social media is a content – hungry platform. To feed it, one must not only focus on the quantity of posts but also keep an eye for the quality and the type of posts. The more diverse your posts are, the more likely your community will enjoy your content. Contests are the best way for your customers to participate in your brand’s content cycle and it makes them feel a part of your brand. This is why we create contests and deploy them so that your community is constantly engaged and are exposed to varied forms of content.


Content Boosting Services


Even high-quality content can go waste if it is not promoted properly. Certain types of content need a much larger, targeted audience and this requires proper planning and execution of a set strategy. We focus on getting the content, whether it is basic or part of a campaign to the correct audiences through the use of the right tools including paid social media and influencer marketing.


Social Media Measurement and Optimization


Being a top social media marketing company, we take it upon us to measure the results of social media metrics and optimise the approach to gain better results. Our team of experts is specifically trained to look at the data, analyse and draw inferences from them, so they can suggest the best approach needed based on the numbers.


This five – pronged approach makes us the top Social Media company in Bangalore.


A good brand is present on all the relevant social media channels, creates high-quality content and develops consistent engagement with its community. Team pumpkin is the social media agency you need to take care of all this. We build the bridge that takes you from on ordinary brand to a top brand that has a solid presence on social media.