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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my company need social media marketing?

Your customers are spending a lot of time on social media making it imperative for you to draft a strong social media marketing strategy. It is important to adapt and move with changing times, so you need to think about ways to leverage social media that will generate customer attention. Our aim is to make your business and service known on the Internet by creating a connection between you and your customers.

How will SEO affect my organic search results on Google?

Google uses various parameters to rank your websites to be listed on first page of its search results. The more page authority you have, the better you will rank. A through and transparent SEO practice help your website in getting the desired result of ranking on 1st page of Google search. It is important to note that you should keep away from black hat SEO practices, which may result in getting your websites penalized from Google ranking algorithm. Our SEO practices are in accordance to Google’s policy and in-sync with their updated algorithm.

Do I require all your services to go digital?

We provide Strategy Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, SEO, Pay Per Click, Public Relations and Mobile App development. All these services will provide the opportunity to build brand, increase traffic on the website, create an awareness of your brand and connect with a larger audience. We use different inter-connected methods to increase your brand power in the digital space. Though you can use one or many services, however, we will be happy to assist and device the best strategy suitable for your brand, which may include one or a cluster of services.

What results can I expect from your services?

Through Digital marketing, we aim to provide our clients with best in class analytics, optimized ROIs and business growth. We use international standard tools, so there is no reason why we cannot excel in putting your brand appropriately in front of your customers. We have standard KPIs for all our services and based on mutual agreement we decide on deliverables once we start the engagement. Most of all we keep you informed of business outcomes at every stage of engagement, so that you judge our services not on face value but on hard facts and numbers.

Why is Branding Important online?

In the clutter of websites available across the Internet, it is natural to be lost in the crowd and use regular content. Branding, however, will help you to carve a unique identity and position your brand appropriately for Top of the Mind recall and stand out from the crowd. It also gives clarity in your mind, in which direction you want to drive your brand.

What is Social Media Marketing? Or Why Social Media?

Social Media power cannot be understated now. If statistics were to be believed, if Facebook were a country, it would be third largest in the World. Approximately 340 million tweets are sent every day and 720 million minutes were spent using the Pinterest Mobile App in 2012. Now these numbers have given a completely different dimension to Internet marketing. You need to market right amidst the people – through social media – where you can directly interact with the customers, understand their needs and tell them that you care. Likewise, a lot of social media services are provided by different agencies, but you need to decide what meets the requirements of your company.

Are Social Media Sites effective?

Yes, they surely are and we need them more than we can imagine. Facebook helps to communicate to your users easily and quickly in a short span. Culinary, décor and fashion brands benefit from Pinterest and Twitter, which undoubtedly have created a niche in their social media offering. Various social media channels serve a different purpose and support different business goals.

How do small businesses benefit from Digital Marketing?

Every business can benefit from digital marketing as it brings attention to what your company can offer in terms of product and services. Connecting with your prospective customers through Social media sites, Mobile and Search platforms helps in creating a bridge, which lets people know that you care and value them. This in turn creates a lasting bond, and you will reap its benefits in the short and long term.

How will my company grow in terms of business if I hire you?

We at Team Pumpkin, strive to give you the best and assure our clients of our diligent work. We guarantee your company’s results with a real ROI. We stick to our commitment of working as per agreed terms where business and brand information will be kept confidential wherever necessary.

I have a medium scale business, how much will it cost to start digital marketing?

We love to talk to our new clients as digital marketing is all about conversation. Let’s schedule a meeting, brainstorm, create a budget depending on your requirements and have your brand established.

What is SEO? Or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is all about getting quality web traffic. Google is now synonymous with Search. In this case, you need to ensure that whenever people are searching for a product / service that you offer, people come to know about you first. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization is the technique of inserting those keywords into your web content that most people use for searching. This will ensure that your content is thrown up much before others, so that you have an edge over your competitors. SEO is both paid and unpaid. There are many SEO companies who offer you this solution.

Are these services very expensive?

To be blunt, No! The kind of returns that you get by creating an online space of yours, you can be rest assured that these services will give you the best returns on your investment. We are one online marketing firm amongst many Internet marketing companies, who not only ensure that you have great online activation, but also track your business performance all through. To top it all, we provide you excellent analytics with each activity, so that you make the best out of online space!

Why Team Pumpkin?

We at “Team Pumpkin” have a clear mission to be in tune with Online and Offline worlds. It’s the Human Emotions that merge them into one. We just don’t believe in words but strongly believe in putting everything we say into action. The way we put things into action can take your business a long way by opening new avenues and choices, growing to its full potential. We tirelessly strive to give our clients worth for their money through our young, creative and result oriented team. Our creative, management and technical skills are par excellence. We believe in giving our team a freedom to show their skills and this helps in superlative performance as an individual and team as a whole. We are performance driven and our clients can vouch for the services they have received.

Why go online?

Did you know, that there are more devices connected to the Internet today, than the number of humans on this Earth. It is difficult to ignore this Internet revolution and we are all a part of it. In this scenario, everyone is trying to create their presence online, where billions of people have been spending their time. It is now the easiest way to reach out to people – one brilliant idea, and it goes viral even before you realize you conceived it. So if you have an idea, online is the place to be!