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About Our Company


Best Destination To Brand your Business

Building your business is our priority. We then analyze its growth, cultivate the maximum profit and convert your business into a brand.

Team Pumpkin Corporation was launched in August 2012 in Mumbai with two people who were in love with their twitter handles and was having a vision for connecting brands to people on the internet with a motto of “Making Every Business a Digital Brand”.
The name Pumpkin was suggested by our CEO Mr. Ranjeet Kumar as Pumpkin is a symbol of fest & happiness and also pumpkins have been known to be consumed in innumerable forms – from soups to cakes to even beer. This signifies the wide gamut of our services and also how simply we can merge into the regular day to day activities of your organization. Also, Pumpkin is considered as a foolish food and we totally agree with the phrase Stay Foolish, Stay hungry which means be foolish be more exploratory & adventurous and be hungry to gain more knowledge.


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