Targeting Indian Moms on Digital : Your Content Strategy

Moms these days are riding the digital wave. They own a smartphone, have social media accounts, flaunt selfies, and shop for online products. With each passing day, they are becoming more digital-savvy. Furthermore, a mother possesses the power to make purchasing decisions when it comes to buying products for her and everyone else in the household. These decisions are hugely influenced by online targeting of various brands. And so, it becomes imperative to target mothers on these digital platforms to help your brand stand out and also to make mothers consider your products the next time they want to buy anything. Read on to know the various ways that will help you target Indian moms on digital platforms.

Meaningful content

Relevant content creation is the initial step towards connecting with Indian moms on digital platforms. On average, mothers invest around 15 hours per week on the internet, thus making it crucial to curate content they can relate to. Wow, facts related to moms, emotional and humorous content are some ways of reaching out to mothers. The content must trigger the reaction “Ahh… That’s so me!”. Mothers further share this content on their social media platforms as it helps them voice their opinions, in return enhancing your page visibility.

One of our clients, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic, shines a spotlight on mothers and kids. The content is curated keeping in mind the target audience and is not always sales but tries to connect with the spirit of both childhood and motherhood.

Right targeting

Expecting and new mothers carry out double the searches as compared to other women. After becoming a mother, her purchase decisions highly alter and are centered around baby care.  She performs a lot of online searches to know what’s best for the baby. In general, too most mothers nowadays do not hesitate to surf the web to get answers. Hence, right targeting is the key to tapping into this audience. A brilliant SEO strategy that encompasses a mix of the relevant long tail and short tail keywords will work wonders. Moreover, mothers should be targeted while trying to boost content on social media platforms for the best results.

Repost user-generated content

The digital platforms have opened up new avenues for the mothers as they can produce content and share it online. If any of that content is in sync with your brand’s identity, do not hesitate to report it on your platform, of course after taking their permission. This way you’ll engage with them and increase your brand awareness. Moreover, millennial mothers believe 50% more in user-generated content and so you’ll procure more followers and customers by reposting.


Nothing can beat this. Contests are one of the easiest ways to build a community of mothers, provided you do the right targeting and use relevant hashtags. Indian moms are very enthusiastic when it comes to participating in contests. These contests lure the mothers to follow your page. You can specify in the terms and conditions to “tag more mothers” to earn brownie points. This way, you’ll be reaching out to a lot of mothers and expanding your social media reach.

Moreover, you can gratify the winners with your products, and chances are they will turn into loyal customers.

Here’s what we did for our client “Poko chan”. A simple contest that resulted in so many entries from mothers.

Hey Mammies, you are just a pic away from winning*! 5 lucky Mammies will stand a chance to win surprise gifts. Contest…

Posted by Poko chan on Tuesday, 24 December 2019


Blogs and building communities

As mothers lookup on the internet for answers, you can utilize the power of blogs and can be of huge help to them. Thus, they will always turn to you in case they have an inquiry to make. Moreover, mothers want to be heard, and building an online community that’s by the mothers and for the mothers is the best bet. This allows moms to share how they feel, debate, and seek advice from each other. Our client, MamyPoko Pants, too have a community for mothers called #SheCaresSheShares.

She Cares She Shares |

She Cares She Shares |

Influencer marketing

Mothers these days follow a lot of mom bloggers. These bloggers share their honest opinions and that’s why mothers trust them and their recommendations. Influencer marketing will help you tap into the influencer’s fan base and so, mothers will be aware of your brand and inclined to give it a try.

Take away:

  1. ‘Content is king’ and hence curate content that’s relevant to mothers. The same will result in mothers sharing your brand’s content to put forth their opinions. Don’t forget to share mothers’ posts on your social media handles.

  2. Be compassionate to mothers, they are going through a lot every day. Make them feel great, and they will return even more love to you.

  3. Take use of contests and building online communities to make certain they keep coming back.

All in all, Moms are taking over the digital world like never before. Give them a lot of attention and you will never be disappointed with the results!

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