Public Relations in an Ever-Changing Digital Era – Are you up to Date?

Welcome to the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0! Driven by automation, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Blockchain, in this age, you don’t hunt for news anymore. It comes in your inbox and in the form of notifications every morning. You only ask the chatbot or subscribe for a particular type of news or app, and all information pertaining to it comes to you without hunting for it. This is the new-age media, and a new wave is ushering in the Public Relations sphere. With the journalists, the influencers matter, with long leads, the micro-leads count too. The public relations industry is traversing from one-way communications to two-way conversations.

Rewind! A decade ago, public relations placements garnered results over Primetime shows and leading morning dailies. However, the need for a holistic approach now is more than ever before. Brands need to embrace a multi-dimensional approach to carve a niche in their competitive spaces, sustain, get answers, and be answerable. It is a multi-channel approach that brands are embracing. There is a need to reach out to a broader audience via print, television, and digital medium. Each of these platforms plays a significant role in narrating a cohesive brand story.

The Dawn of New Age, New Generation

The public relations practices much revolve around engaging third party sources to bring a topic in the limelight and for spreading awareness. However, for success in this digital age, you need to embrace the old and new successful PR practices. It will help if you make it count in the leading Primetime shows, newspapers, and on the related apps and different social media platforms to reach a broader audience.

With nearly 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world and India second only to China in the race, the digital medium gains absolute eminence. Moreover, almost 230 million or 70% of India’s population is active on social media. So, if you aspire to establish your brand, then it is a number that you cannot possibly ignore.

Infusion of Old & New Practises for Applaud-Worthy Results

To become relevant and to remain relevant in their respective industries, brands need to amalgamate the best of traditional PR practices and take on the new-age digital medium too. If we go by stats, there are still nearly 425 million readers of Indian newspapers. Likewise, another research by the India Digital News Report 2019, published by the Reuters Institute, indicates, “nearly 68% identify their smartphones as the primary device for consuming news”. These are staggering figures, which make the need for a careful combination imperative.

Reach the right audience, garner the ROI you desire, and make the impression with a multi-pronged approach.

Comments, Retweets & Likes:

The social media strategy is an intrinsic part of the PR strategy of any brand today. The Retweets, the hashtags, and the following are testimony of your ability to engage with the key audience directly. It is the types of posts you share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn that become synonymous with your online persona. In your endeavour to crack the public relations maze, you also need to deploy the right social media strategy.

Journalists & Influencers Count:

To create the buzz, you need to rely on eminent journalists in the industry and gather organic coverage via the third-party medium. Rallying on these two powerful sources can lend you, your product, and organisation the credibility you desire. Use online and offline mediums to find media members and influencers who can share your stories with the targeted audience.

Conversion & Campaign Power:

Using the digital marketing tools to your advantage, you can transmit the many faces of a story via text and screen. The conversion percentage can help you reach the right analysis. However, the power of events and in-person meetings cannot get ignored. Sometimes, it is only the traditional face to face interaction that matters.

Times are changing, and priorities are rearranging. However, certain positive PR influences remain as potent tools in the ever-changing marketplace. The reputation building, the value, and crisis-management will stay the fundamental ethos of public relations dynamics. It is the convergence of social media and marketing tools in PR strategies that are governing the new-age PR landscape.

Do you think which digital PR services and strategies can work for your brand? Let the PR pros guide you in this lighting fast and super competitive media ecosystem.

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