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Facebook Design Change: Coinciding with Massive Q2 revenues, FB brings new business page layout

Last week Facebook has announced Q2 Results and the revenue tell a compelling story that whatever Facebook is doing for brands is definitely working in its favor.

We all know Facebook’s revenue are solely dependent on Brand’s advertising on the platform and these revenues fuel sky high valuations of over USD 300 billion and acquisition of tech companies like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus Rift.

During a usual day managing client’s social media pages, Digital Agency Team Pumpkin noticed a major change in Facebook business page layout design. The Important point to note that much of stupendous valuation and recently announced earth shattering revenue of Facebook comes from these Brands who are present on this powerful social network, each having at least one Brand page hosted on the platform.

Over the years Facebook has been experimenting with page design almost on a yearly basis. Back in 2008-09, the very first page layout for brands was not “like” oriented as today but it asked people to become a fan and people joined in droves.

After 2010, Facebook changed its business page layout more frequently. First to surface on the layout was Page Like feature and then custom landing tabs, cover image, 2 column timeline, various other design changes to represent brand profile. Till about 3 years back Facebook even gave option to page managers of Like-gating before fan accessed content.

Circa 2016, Swati Nathani – Our Chief Business Officer Says that during a normal internal review process, she noticed something unusual about the client’s Facebook pages that Team Pumpkin manages. What disappeared was the integrated cover page, Profile Picture, Tabs and what appeared on the screen was something very similar to Facebook’s design earlier in the decade, with of course, much more sophistication. After closely comparing current page layout and what is coming in future, which Team Pumpkin got a glimpse, there are 4 major changes note in user interface. Agencies and Brands, please read on carefully

Current Page


Page Layout Coming Soon

  1. The Profile Picture has moved to Top left much like page design earlier in the decade. This makes the page stand out with clear focus on Brand Logo as well as decluttering the Cover Image. Agencies and Designers were always optimizing portions of cover image which use to get hidden due to profile picture overlay. It’s a welcome change indeed.
  2. The Tabs which was below the Cover image has now moved as left navigation. This clearly focuses on engagement as there are clear cues to navigate through brand content on the page. This design change definitely going to increase the time spent on page and will induce engagement and actions.
  3. The old navigation section has given way to Call to Actions (CTA) buttons only. Like, Message are separate buttons and other options eg Save, Report, Block are inside “more” button. This design change has also decluttered the Cover image as CTAs are overlaid at bottom right of cover page currently.
  4. The right side page components are going to be what currently is on left – page type, Fan details, Visitor posts, Photos, Videos etc.

The Key question here is that in current layout fans can see the ads on right side of the page but in upcoming layout there is no space given for ads to appear unless Facebook does further tweaking in design.

The lesson for Brands in these changes are to be ready with new design elements in execution and brainstorm with internal teams and agencies how to leverage this fresh set of changes in Brand’s Favor. As Swati Nathani puts it – It’s always better to stay ahead of the curve and understand inherent reasons why Facebook and other digital platform bring changes in order to react in time with right strategy and superlative execution or be left behind in the ever changing landscape of social media.

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