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Best PR Agency


Team Pumpkin is among the best PR agencies in India having its presence in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. We at Team Pumpkin are very particular about the methodologies that we follow and are known to showcase excellence in all aspects when it comes to delivering work to the clients. As a top PR agency in Mumbai, we have managed to expand our wings and cater to a diverse set audience from different backgrounds. As one of the best PR agency in India, the approach undertaken by us is cutting-edge and we strive towards creating a brand image that is way beyond excellence. Our multi-domain experience is what makes us the leading PR agency in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. At Team Pumpkin, we believe in undertaking an approach that is strategic so as to deliver not just quantity, but quality results to all our clients. We understand that Public Relations is nothing in itself when the connection between the brand and the consumer is not built, hence at Team Pumpkin, we work towards building an image of a company, its services, the products offered and promote it with the help of offline and online mediums. Being one of the best PR agency in India, our PR professionals have the gift of gab and ability to forge a valuable relationship.

The best PR agency in Mumbai is the one that lays its foundation on analyzing the data from the core and we, at Team Pumpkin have come with innovative public relations strategies to take care of just the same. What matters the most with regards to public relations is the fact that the relation between a brand and the audience that it caters to has to be smooth. Our bunch of PR professionals undertake this task by incorporating traditional public relations values that enable us to come up with optimum results that further help our clients in all the areas of their business. As a top PR agency in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, our team of professionals with the help of the content marketing team creates exceptional online campaigns that build an image and help reach the right people at the right time. In the eye of the stakeholders, investors, public and the employees our public relations strategies come into the picture by bringing about an image of the company that is something that one had never expected. Being one of the best PR agency in India, targeting the right kind of audience for the right kind of company has always been our forte and we believe in doing this with extreme energy and enthusiasm.




Our public relations team has stepped into the digital realm as well as we are aware of the advent of the digital space and its role in building the image of a company. Our PR agency in Mumbai always works towards adopting different strategies taking care of the latest technological advancements so as to reach a large audience within a very short span of time. With the help of digital public relations, the strategies that we develop are not just restricted to press releases or media relations but aims to bring about a revolution in the PR space by bringing about influencers and bloggers in the picture. At Team Pumpkin, our online public relations practices integrate with other digital marketing communications methods like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and mobile marketing methods to help give your brand an exceptional boost. For us, the first and foremost thing is delivering what has been promised to the client and we take care of this with the help of professionals who are exceedingly well-versed when it comes to the intricacies of public relations.

As of late, many of the public relations agencies in the market are concentrating on promoting the client and create an image for the company that makes them seem as popular and relevant, something that the audience has always anticipated for. Ever since its inception, Team Pumpkin has gained a vast experience with regards to all the aspects of public relations that are taken care of by the PR team in any organisation. Through our digital PR strategies and offline ones, we work towards developing an image that is marked by excellence, which is what makes us one of the best PR agency. Our team of public relations professionals has worked hard towards building great relationships with the media, especially the journalists. The team strives to pitch stories to the right media at the right time, deliver press releases and create events that help with media relations, social media promotions and at the very same time to handle the PR strategies and crisis situations. At Team Pumpkin, our team of PR professionals is fully adept at doing research and it is what sets them apart from the other PR professionals.


Team Pumpkin As A Proactive PR Agency


We know the art and science of PR. Being constantly in touch with people is our forte. We have forged valuable relationships with top media companies of the country. Our PR team has helped brands gain distinct advantage across print and digital medium. We link you with your consumers effectively and efficiently, which generates eyeballs for your company. Through our PR services, we also help to find out who are influential for your brand – bloggers, journalists or other social media professionals. We connect with those who matter for your brand, get interesting and engaging content at the right time and ensure brand coverage by them through the channels they represent. Needless to say, move over the traditional PR firms, we are a new age Public Relations Company, engage and grow with us.