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What is Pay Per Click Services?


Pay Per Click or PPC as some may call it is a way of advertising on search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, that helps in getting businesses new customers quickly and efficiently. PPC service thrives on the popularity of search engine usage by people. By targeting relevant keywords for your brand and optimizing bid costs, our team helps generate business at best ROIs for Search Engine Marketing efforts.


This is achieved through appropriate keyword research, which is the first step for PPC Campaign, Landing Page Optimization, and optimization of Bid rates. PPC is the fastest and most controllable way to get your website to top search results for any type of business. In a PPC campaign, you pay per click, so it is easy to control the budget and measure the return on investment for your campaign.



PPC Management Company


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the most accountable form of advertising. With PPC, you can set a definite budget and pay only when a visitor clicks on your ad. PPC can help bring a major positive impact on your business. If your business is not engaged in PPC Marketing, you are most likely losing out valuable traffic and revenue.


If our PPC Management Company still hasn’t made a strong case for PPC Marketing, then these 7 advantages of PPC services are bound to change your mind.


PPC contributes to Business Goals

PPC can help your business accomplish a vast number of goals ranging from providing brand exposure, diverting traffic to your website to lead generation or an e-commerce sale. PPC can help push content or app downloads. Regardless of your identified goals, PPC campaigns can be set up capably.


PPC can be measured

Through AdWords and Google Analytics, it is easy to measure and track the effectiveness of PPC. Detailed information of impressions, clicks, and conversions based on the set business goals can be availed. The PPC traffic to dedicated landing pages can be tracked all the way to conversion using Google Analytics and you can get to know your buck’s worth.


Swift Entry

Just taken a plunge into PPC marketing? You can get up and run quickly with a little bit of optimization. As opposed to SEO which often takes more time and attention, AdWords can give you the required reach and position within minutes of launch. PPC helps find new potential customers. PPC advertising company with the usage of PPC tools can take care of every aspect – from the research to the campaign strategy to writing ads. With minimal involvement from development teams, you can set up shop and track conversions on landing pages.


Control is in your hands

You can choose from a variety of keywords suitable for your target market. You can start small with a limited budget and based on the progress, scale up by investing more. If you’re seeing positive results, you can scale up immediately. You can always pause and stop your ad spends right away. Quick edits can be made while the ads are up and running so that the ad spends are used optimally.


PPC works in tandem with other Marketing Channels

PPC and SEO work well together. The performance data collected through AdWords can provide great insight and direction on the keywords that can work wonders for SEO. AdWords remarketing is a great way to keep site visitors involved, regardless of how they found your site.


Incredible Targeting Options

PPC helps acquire massive data through AdWords that also provide insights into your target market. Information regarding specific audience demographic, past behaviors, the response on display ads, banner ads or text ads can be known. By testing and trying out different campaign approaches, you can leverage AdWords to your advantage and target an untapped customer pool as well as existing customers who are acquainted with the brand.


Collection of Marketing Data

A lot of data can be directly availed from Google AdWords such as impressions, clicks, and conversion data for each keyword. This data can also help enhance SEO content and determine what works best.


Now that you fully know the potential of PPC, let Team Pumpkin be instrumental in achieving your business goals.

The list of services our PPC Company offers is as follows:


Keyword analysis: Discovering and targeting specific keywords and search queries that are likely being entered by potential customers.


Channel strategy: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, affiliate networks, and paid social media placements are some of the channels we take into consideration while undertaking PPC Marketing.


Monitoring: Monitoring search term reports closely to learn which keywords/queries are most often used. This helps in allocating appropriate budget to those search teams that work and are most effective in gaining traction.


Competitive analysis: Keeping a keen eye on the competition and tracking their strategies to gain an added advantage over them.


Audience targeting: Based on demography, income or geography, we help identify ideal target audience as per your business needs.


A/B Testing: To ensure PPC ROI, split testing involving a change in text, graphics and display elements is conducted to identify the most effective method.


Ad Copy Writing: We help to deliver focused content that targets the defined audience and provide with a strong call-to-action.


Shopping Ads: We help you establish, operate and optimise your shopping campaigns and product listing ads that help promote your inventory for which usage of right keywords for the right products will be done.


Reporting: We provide reports with detailed insights on the process with which your PPC campaign has been made and how it has fared well against your competitors.




It includes PPC customization through:




Our approach is to target the main keywords. We use revolutionary techniques to ensure that our clients get the full search landscape for the keywords and terms, which will be relevant to your products or services.




It makes sure that we are aiming at the bull’s eye and our efforts don’t go in vain. For this, we ensure that we use the right data to take it forward and measure conversions.


Bid System


Search Engine Marketing is done by placing an appropriate bid for each keyword or terms that businesses wish to advertise for along with a selection of geographic, psychographic and demographic parameters. The bid plays a vital role in determining the placement of the advertisement on search engines