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PLM Services and Support

Team Pumpkin is a full service PLM consultancy, providing fully integrated end-to-end business solutions and support services for both new and existing PLM clients. With skills and experience covering all aspects of the Product Lifecycle Management, we implement the latest PLM technologies and cloud innovations.


PLM Services


  • PLM Implementation Services
    • We take great care in creating the right team for your business from a pool of talented consultants who can draw on industry-specific experience in similar projects, and who offer a proven track record in project delivery.
    • In addition, cost-effectiveness is a major feature and advantage of all our projects at Team Pumpkin . Based on your business goals and operational processes, we’ll construct the best solution for you, and manage our costs very carefully to ensure that you get the best possible implementation engagement with us.
    • PLM Implementations – Our dedicated team of consultants will accelerate your journey to implement PLM, the next-generation PLM solutions. Our approach and deep business domain expertise facilitates a structured framework for your business to gear up for digitization.
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  • PLM Upgrade Services
    • For some customers, PLM upgrade is simply a stepping stone to achieving more business value from a current PLM investment. For others, the PLM upgrade is seen as a building block for a whole new system expansion into other functional areas. Whichever path you take, it is our job to perform your upgrade as quickly and painlessly as possible.
    • Team Pumpkin certified consultants can help to successfully deliver your upgrade using best practice methodologies that are fast, efficient, low cost and tailored to your individual PLM landscape.
    • Since, it is often difficult to gauge the impact of an upgrade on your existing environment we will work with you to provide accurate estimates of the costs and effort involved, including project duration, downtime and the impact on other systems. We’ll also help you to understand the road map, architecture and technological impact of the upgrade, and provide a good understanding of what transitional services and operational support services are required.
  • PLM Support Services
    • At Team Pumpkin, we combine our knowledge of our customers and their markets with a deep PLM understanding to deliver simple, uncomplicated, PLM support services. In this complex, commoditised market, we differentiate by taking a wholly customer-centric approach. Our focused, transparent and flexible business model ensures sustained long-term customer relationships. If you choose to work with Team Pumpkin, you will be supported by a team of senior PLM consultants with many years industry experience.
    • We promote a culture of continual learning so our highly skilled consultants are focused and always on the top of the latest and greatest developments at PLM.

Why choose us?


  • Work with a team who have relevant industry experience and a proven track record in project delivery
  • Reduce risk, minimise disruption and anticipate all scenarios with highly experienced, fully qualified PLM Consultants
  • End-to-end implementation programme from design through to user training
  • High adoption and satisfaction levels through extensive user acceptance testing and training