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Accessing the web via a PC is already becoming a thing of the past making it imperative for every company and brand to Rethink and Rework their strategy. In an era of mobile technology, it is important to devise impactful mobile strategies and the easiest way is to design a user-friendly and easy to navigate Mobile app.


Team Pumpkin can design Mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows platform (OS). We can equip your business with user-friendly apps. Using agile development methodology, we can provide solutions across multiple OS platforms. Our in-house team is proficient in the front end and backend development, security, and deployment of your mobile app. In sync with the design team, our mobile app technocrats carry out research, prototype and then build using SDKs of a major platform to give you robust and scalable applications. Mobile apps for all strategic needs require the thorough understanding of domain and technology for which we at Team Pumpkin have unmatched expertise in Mobile app development in India. Under our belt, we have an ever-growing list of apps, which we have built for various platforms having different end goals.



App Marketing Strategy



The world of advertising and marketing is ever evolving and brands need to make consistent efforts to stay relevant. Nowadays mobile has become an extension of the human body. It is the first thing we reach for in the morning and last thing we use before going to bed. With the advent of smartphones, the scope of online marketing and advertising has increased four-fold.


India will have 530 million smartphone users in 2018. Due to the portability feature of mobile, a major fraction of the population accesses the internet through mobile devices and mobile apps rather than laptop or desktop. It is imperative to design a unique app marketing strategy for your business. Mobile devices account for an estimated 73% of the time spent using the internet in 2018. An estimated 59% of all internet ad spendings were diverted to ads viewed on mobile devices and apps in 2017 and the percentage will continue to rise as this revolutionary marketing tact continues to rise.


App Marketing gives brands an opportunity to establish a direct connection with the consumer. It also gives consumer more opportunities to connect and interact with the brand and access brand content on the go.  Mobile is where the future of marketing lies and brands will be left behind in the race if mobile marketing services are not tapped.


A right app marketing strategy can give your brand an edge over others. You may wonder how mobile marketing may prove advantageous to the success of your business.



10 Benefits of Mobile Marketing



Easy on your pocket


Have a limited budget for marketing? No need to worry. You do not need to spend massive moolah on marketing to reach your customers via their mobile phones. On the contrary, it is one of the most economical ways to advertise your products or services, build brand awareness and boost loyalty.


Agile and straightforward


Mobile marketing is a very fast way to communicate with potential customers and consumers. Through SMS and promotional links, the customer has a chance to make an immediate purchase.


Reach a specific target audience


Every business and brand wants to cater to a specific group of consumers to benefit from a marketing campaign. Mobile marketing truly helps this because you are required to have phone numbers and permissions from mobile users to send them promotional material. As a result, only those who are interested in your products or service will give you their phone number. Mobile marketing thus facilitates to reach more potential buyers at a considerably lower cost than other marketing methods such as TV, radio ads, billboards, etc. Geo-targeting helps to send location-specific messages to those using GPS and demographic targeting via age and gender information can be undertaken.


Prompt effect

Most marketing campaigns showcase results after a while. Mobile marketing, on the other hand, yields immediate results. Usually, mobile users carry their mobiles with them at all times and they have the tendency to read their messages as soon as they receive them.


Help forge a bond with your customers in the long-term


The capability to be able to reach and influence your customers anytime and anywhere allows you to build a relationship in the long term. When you keep them updated on the special deals, sales, new product arrivals, etc., you tend to make them feel special and appreciated. Consumers are more likely to reciprocate to your marketing campaigns when you are attentive towards them.


Medium of convenience


A small screen size of a mobile phone limits the scope of content that can be displayed. This aids the content creators in writing crisp and concise content that adapts better to the various mobile platforms.


Ease of tracking


User response can be tracked almost instantaneously. Collecting relevant user data becomes easy through mobile marketing. Databases with information on user’s phone numbers and email addresses help mobile advertisers to understand and analyze user behavior.


Go Viral


Mobile content can be easily shared with multiple users and good content can help receive good engagement and traction and create a viral impact. Brands and business get great exposure through viral content.


Microblogging benefits


Mobile users use popular platforms like Twitter on their mobile phones. Brands can use this to their advantage by creating engaging content and responding to customer feedback, complaints and queries immediately.


Mobile payments

With a variety of wallet payment options to choose from, users do not need to pay physical currency anymore. Moreover, the ease of transaction and secure online payment environment encourages more users to go for mobile payments.



Why should your brand stay behind and not milk the benefits of Mobile Marketing? The question is where to start from. Here is where Team Pumpkin comes in. Leave it on us to take care of all your Mobile Marketing requirements. All you need to do is reap the rewards.



Our Mobile Marketing Services include:



App development: Team Pumpkin as a Mobile App Development Company ensures to create apps with a seamless user interface, optimized for operating systems like Android and iOS.


App-based marketing: Using innovative App Marketing Strategy and utilizing services like Google AdMob, we customize mobile ads to appear within third-party mobile applications.


In-game mobile marketing: We help to incorporate Banner pop-ups, full-page image ads or video ads between loading screens of games.


QR codes: Scanned QR codes help to take users to a specific webpage.


Location-based marketing: We help push ads on mobile devices to specific users based on the specific area using geo-targeting.


SMS marketing: We provide traditional yet effective SMS marketing to inform users about latest offers and sales.


Mobile search ads: We help generate links for Google search ads for mobile with options of click-to-call or click-to-download.


Mobile site links: With mobile site links, we aid the user to navigate to the specific page of a website.



Our Expertise in App Development

  • IOS Native Apps

  • Android Apps

  • Facebook Apps

  • HTML Apps

  • JQuery Mobile