Top PR agency in Bangalore & Mumbai- Team Pumpkin
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Public Relations

What does PR mean?


Public Relations is all about building a connection between your brand and the consumer. It involves building an image of the company, product or services and promote it through offline and online mediums. A PR team communicates on behalf of the brands in order to put them in limelight, so they can stand strong, get the attention of media and people consuming that media. PR professionals must have the gift of gab and ability to forge valuable relationships.


Digital PR


Taking a step forward, we are a new age PR company, which works on your brand image digitally. Digital PR is the new strategy to reach a large audience within a short span. With the advent of digital PR, there has been a new revolution and PR teams are engaged beyond press releases or media relations to individual bloggers and influencers. Online PR integrates with other digital marketing communications methods like social media, SEO, and mobile marketing to give an exceptional boost to your brand.


Why Team Pumpkin PR?


We know the art and science of PR. Being constantly in touch with people is our forte. We have forged valuable relationships with top media companies of the country. Our PR team has helped brands gain distinct advantage across print and digital medium. We link you with your consumers effectively and efficiently, which generates eyeballs for your company. Through our PR services, we also help to find out who are influential for your brand – bloggers, journalists or other social media professionals. We connect with those who matter for your brand, get interesting and engaging content at the right time and ensure brand coverage by them through the channels they represent. Needless to say, move over the traditional PR firms, we are a new age Public Relations Company, engage and grow with us.